How to Improve Off Page SEO Score in 2019


Search engine optimization would see much easier if you break it down in on page SEO and off page SEO. Where on page SEO deals with content and website elements, off page SEO focuses on offline marketing for your website. It plays a pivotal role in your website’s rankings. It is essential that you have an off page SEO strategy. Here are two of broad ways in which you can improve off page rankings for your website.

Generate Backlinks

The internet is a huge place. There are tons of websites. Search engines can calculate the worth of your website in a number of ways. When you are working on on page SEO of your website, you are essentially improving the website itself. What this means is that you are focusing on the content and how you can further tweak it to show search engines that your content is produced in a way that will deliver value to the readers. Offline marketing means how you do beyond the contents of your website. If you are able to generate backlinks for your site, you shall be ranked higher. Getting linked means another website mentioning a link to your website. Remember that the quality of links matters as much as the quantity of links. You can use guest posting to build links. That is one of the more credible ways to go about marketing your website offline. Try to approach blogs that are working in the same niche as yours and see if they share guest posts. If you are able to get a guest writer spot on other blogs, you will receive two complimentary back links. These links can do wonders for your search engine rankings. Start today and right here. Do a little research on blogs in your niche and you should be good to go.

Learn about social media marketing

Since everyone started talking about what is hot on the internet, social media marketing made its way into a full-fledged industry. Even though search engines claim that the total number of shares of a blog post don’t determine the rankings on search engines, it is observed that the blogs with most shares rank higher on search engines. But that is not all social media marketing is about. Whatever your website is about, you can target a similar audience on social media platform. Try to gain a loyal following that would visit your Facebook page or Twitter account just to see if a new post is up. There is not much room for interaction with your readers on your website. Of course, you have a comments section where you can regularly reply but having a social media platform opens bigger area for interacting with your audience. People will be able to directly send you a message on Facebook. You can learn about what people want to read when they tweet it to you on twitter. Not only that, you can in fact gain more following through social media. Once your content starts to get viral, you would notice that there is new incoming traffic on your website. As a website owner, your ultimate revenue comes through the people who view advertisements on your blog. Social media marketing will help you improve your off page SEO and ultimately help you in improving your website’s rankings.

Search engine optimization is a set of techniques that are used to improve website’s rankings on search engine results. All these techniques can be divided in two sections. The first section is the on page SEO and the second part is off page SEO. Before we jump into what is off page SEO and how we can improve it, let us briefly talk about on page SEO.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO details with everything that has to do with the contents of the website and the website itself. What this means is that you are working on improving the quality of your blog. With quality, you can’t expect much progress in off page SEO either. On page SEO deals with keyword density. This means that you need to maintain an average of 2- 3% keyword density on your blog. Make sure that there are no grammatical errors in the blog posts. Plagiarism is a huge no. Plagiarism will lead to low rankings for search engine results in the long term. Likewise, you have to make sure that the URL structure of your website is short. Moving on, you need to optimize the Meta description of your blogs. Meta description if your chance to sell your blog to your readers when they are viewing your page on search engine. Add Meta tags in order to be ranked on search engines.

Quality Content Matters

Unlike on page SEO, off page SEO has to do with what goes behind the website. It has to do with offline marketing of the blog. If you want to improve your off page SEO, you need to first begin with building links. All the websites on the internet make up a community. In this community, it is extremely important for websites to interact with each other. However, this interaction comes with a cost. Well, it is mostly benefits for websites that have quality content. When a website mentions the URL of your website on theirs, it means your website has been linked. When your website is linked, it tells Google that your website is credible.

A link, for Google, is like a virtual voting system for websites. The more number of links associated with your website, the more you have the chance of ranking better on search engines. But don’t forget that the quality of the links is equally important as the quantity of links. In order to build back links, you can engage in guest posting. You can write for other blogs and receive back links in return. On the other hand, you can also try to improve the quality of your blogs. That is one of the best ways to receive back links. Websites, when they want to add more information on a certain topic, automatically link other websites. In a blog post titled How to Improve the Grammar in Your Blogs, as a writer I would definitely recommend the use of Grammar checker tools.

Other than link building, you need to work on your social signals. Offline marketing is done through social media marketing. When you have a presence on social media, it helps in building the rankings of your website. The more time you invest in building a loyal audience, the more views you shall receive on your blog. Research has shown that when the total number of shares are high for a blog on social media platforms, it also tends to do better in search engine results.


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