Cut the jargon – what is guest blogging?

If you own your own blog or run one on your business website, then you may have heard of guest blogging, however, for some entrepreneurs and bloggers it may not be overly clear what is involved. In simple terms, guest blogging is writing guest blog posts to be published on other quality blogs in your sector. The payoff is that you include a link to your own blog in the content along with being credited for the article.

But why should you make all that effort to provide fresh, useful content to someone else’s blog?

Guest blogging can help you grow

Publishing quality content as a guest blogger on other blogs in your industry can deliver real benefits. Firstly, it allows you to reach more people and a new audience who may not currently visit your own blog. After reading your guest posts, they may be persuaded of your expertise and thus more traffic could find its way to your blog over time. Of course, the presence of links to your own blog helps as it sends more traffic to your blog when people click on them while reading the article.

Secondly, it helps to market your brand and establish your voice as one of authority in your sector. If people keep seeing your brand at various trusted sites via guest blogs, they will be far more likely to remember you and trust you. That can help not only in B2C terms but also for connecting with other businesses as well.

Why not think about using a guest blogging service?

Guest blogging is certainly worthwhile for helping you to grow and reach more people, but it can be a time-consuming process. As well as actually writing the content to deliver, you also have to find other bloggers to connect with and persuade them to publish your content. For this reason, many businesses and blog owners use a guest blogging service to help.

The main bonus is the time it saves you from doing all the legwork yourself. Most companies will allow you to simply submit your anchor link and text before doing the rest. All the work in terms of creating content and finding publishers is dealt with by them. Naturally, this is much quicker than doing it all yourself. The end result is that you have outstanding results and are left with more time to devote to your day to day operations.

Guest blogging services’ professional writers craft high-quality content for posting as guest blogs. That is an invaluable service if you or your team are not skilled content writers.

It’s all about the SEO

When you look at the bigger picture, the real winner with guest blogging is your SEO. Respected publishers carrying content with your links and brand will give your SEO results a real boost. Over time, it can help your rank more highly in the search engine results due to the extra backlinks it provides and the extra credibility it delivers.

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