How to Manage Your WHM Packages

Web Host Manager, or WHM, is an integral part of a reseller hosting business. It is a tool offered by the hosting company to resellers on a lease, which they can use for managing their daily business operations, billings, client requirements, and more. With WHM, it is much faster, better, and more efficient for business owners to manage their web hosting reseller businesses. WHM gives admin access to the backend of cPanel- a Linux-based control panel for web hosting accounts. When you buy a reseller hosting package from your hosting service provider, you are given access to a WHM, which can contain multiple cPanels. While WHM is for resellers, cPanel is for the clients.

How can you use a WHM?

If you are web hosting reseller, then WHM is going to be your key tool for daily management. There are different WHM packages, each offering different allocation of storage, bandwidth, and other resources.

Choose your required WHM package from your hosting provider, based on your business requirements. Your WHM account will include-


FTP account

Website functionality

SSH access (if it has been enabled in the packaged)

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can run and manage your WHM.

Creating a new WHM package

  • On the dashboard, select ‘Add Package’ from the dropdown. You can choose your package name and type. Basics are for new and small sites with lesser data load, while advanced and premium ones are recommended for heavy and dynamic websites.
  • Under ‘Resources,’ you can set the bandwidth and email limits based on your requirements.
  • From the ‘Settings’ menu, select and enable the resources you want for the set package and select the features from the ‘Features’ list to use in your package. Here, you can also change the cPanel theme and language.
  • Once all done, you can ‘Add’ to create the package.

Editing the package

  • From the search menu, you can select the option for ‘Edit a package.’
  • Select the package that you want to edit and follow the sequence of steps to make the required changes. You can always undo a change and go back to the last saved version.
  • Once done, save all changes.
  • Deleting a package
  • From the search menu, find ‘Delete a package’ option.
  • Select the package/s you want to remove and hit ‘Delete.’ The web host manager will immediately remove the selected item/s from the list.

Summing up…

Reseller hosting is growing to be one of the most convenient yet profitable ways for business owners to run a web hosting business, without the hassle and hefty investment of starting a company. And with tools like WHM, it becomes much easier to manage the operations of the business. Most hosting companies equip their resellers with a free WHM and cPanel for the efficient functioning of their reseller hosting business. They even provide all necessary tech support for the resellers. If you want to make the most of this lucrative hosting business opportunity, then find a reliable hosting provider and avail of a package that fits your business goals and your clients’ needs.

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